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Look Mom, I'm in the paper! 2018 Media Appearances Featuring Christian Pearson

Here are some of media appearances from 2018. I am always grateful to those who help me tell the story of OKC’s music scene and to those who support my career(s).

Oklahoma City Hosts Annual Tree Lighting Festival in Bricktown

I was so excited to be a part of this event, and was flattered that my alma mater’s newspaper wanted to cover it. Thank you Bailey Fortenbaugh for the interview and for your passion for music!

Mini-documentary Highlights the Foundations of OKC’s New Jazz Renaissance

I was excited to be featured in a mini-documentary about Oklahoma City’s Jazz Scene alongside my good friend and my jazz piano idol, Adam Ledbetter. Shoutout to Caroline Palumbo for the excellent production and thank you BancFirst for telling local stories.

Show Review: Christian Pearson’s Saints Sessions 2-Year Anniversary Concert

Here’s a review of my first headlining performance at Saints Sessions. Thank you Adam Ray for a kind review. Can’t wait for the next show.

OkSessions Shifts Music Scene, by Elisabeth Slay

Elisabeth Slay met me at The Press in the Plaza District and allowed me to talk her ear off about our wildest ambitions for OkSessions. Really appreciate this writeup from the Edmond Sun.

OkSessions Co-founder Christian Pearson on the ‘Inspiring Conversations’ Podcast

Jeff Krisman is a beautiful soul and it’s always a blast talking about art, life, and music with him. It was fun sitting down at Art Hall for our first conversation, recorded here. Jeff has written reviews of local shows and conducted numerous interviews with local artists. It’s inspiring to see how creative this guy is, and I’m thankful for the feature on (one of) his podcasts.

The Jazz Slinger, by Nathan Poppe

Nathan Poppe is the music writer of Oklahoma City, so when he wanted to do a piece on Saints Sessions I was honored. Nathan Poppe is now the editor for The Curbside Chronicle. Check out his site for more of his music writing!

Jazz Is, by Veronica Pasfield

Veronica was the first journalist to cover Saints Sessions. I was really blown away by her knowledge of jazz. Shoutout to Territory OKC for being regular visitors of our jazz events and for always upping the culture in OKC.

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