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Meet the Musicians for Skirvin Jazz Club January 18, 2019

The new year is taking off! I can’t believe January’s Skirvin Jazz Club is already upon us; moreso, I’m blown away by how quickly reservations went for this show! I am grateful to everyone who has been so enthusiastic and supportive of Skirvin Jazz Club. Thank you.

The January 18th show will feature a variety of blues tunes, including jazz-blues, straight blues, and modal jazz based on blues progressions. Listen to the Spotify playlist I made of our setlist and get the melodies in your ears. And remember to always listen to Cannonball Adderly and John Coltrane on good speakers or headphones :)

Meet the Musicians for January 18th

I look up to the musicians I’m featuring this week; getting to share a stage with them is a big deal to me. A lot of the musicians in my band have their own headlining performances coming up, so I’ve included links to get tickets to see them. Here’s the all-star lineup for January 18th, as well as links to their respective upcoming performances in OKC.

chanda graham valentines day jazz.jpg

Chanda Graham - Vocals

Chanda Graham is an amazing blues and jazz vocalist. She’s a brilliant emcee and personality as well. Chanda is headlining Saints in the Plaza District on Valentine’s Day. Tickets are already selling for this show so get yours locked in.

zac lee jazz trombone.jpg

Zac Lee - Trombone

Zac Lee is a madman on Trombone. The Zac Lee Quantet is headlining Saints Sessions 1.31.19

Garrison Brown Jazz Trumpet.jpg

Garrison Brown - Trumpet

Garrison Brown is my good friend and a brilliant multi-instrumentalist. He’ll be on trumpet, but he’s also great on guitar, bass, and more. He’s headlining Saints Sessions 1.24.19.

jared cathey jazz sax.jpg

Jared Cathy - Sax

Jared Cathey is one of deepest saxophonists I’ve ever heard. Seriously, he’s brilliant. Catch him playing Cannonball and Coltrane at Skirvin Jazz Club, and then catch his original music at the Blue Door 3.12.19

Clayton Roffey jazz guitar okc.jpg

Clayton Roffey - Guitar

Clayton Roffey is a sharp guitarist and he absolutley rips the blues. Chanda and Clayton together are a mighty force. Clayton is headlining Saints Sessions March 7th. You should go.

Stephen Schultz Jazz bass.jpg

Stephen Schultz - Bass

Stephen Schultz is a touring artist based out of Tulsa. He was also my roomate for about 6 months between tours. He’s a great friend and an stellar bassist. Follow him on Instagram!

Willie peterson jr jazz.jpg

Willie Peterson Jr. - Drums

As Adam Ledbetter always says… “Willie’s the best.” Check out this awesome video of the amazing Willie Peterson. He’s the best.

Look forward to seeing you this Friday! I’m beyond excited for this show.


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