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Meet the Musicians for Skirvin Jazz Club April 19th, 2019

Last show was our first ticketed Skirvin Jazz Club, and the energy in the room was outstanding. Thank you for being the hippest crowd in OKC.

April is the first month to feature 2 back-to-back shows. May will also feature an Early/Late Show, and we have some incredible ideas in the works for June.

Meet the Musicians for April 19th

April 19th, I’ll be featuring an artist who is very special to me. Jay Wilkinson is the professor of jazz studies at OU (he was my instructor for jazz band, jazz tech, and improvisation). He’s a brilliant writer, arranger, vocalist, trumpet player, and pianist. He’s an inspiring writer and improviser, and I’m elated to feature him at Skirvin Jazz Club.

We’ll also be featuring a who’s who of Oklahoma City’s first-call jazz artists. Check out the lineup below, and get your ticket at

jay wilkinson jazz okc.jpg

Jay Wilkinson - Vocals, Trumpet

Jay Wilkinson is the head of Jazz Studies at the University of Oklahoma. We’ll be featuring some of his original music April 19th, including a series of Langston Hughes poems set to music.

Rei Wang Jazz bass OKC.jpg

Rei Bowen - Bass

Rei Bowen is back on upright bass! She’s also headlining the Blue Door’s Tuesday Night Jazz Series on April 30th, and you can get tickets by clicking the button below.

dave bowen jazz drums okc.jpg

Dave Bowen - Drums

Dave Bowen will be making his first appearance at Skirvin Jazz Club. Dave is a killin’ drummer! He’s back in OKC after a career as a touring artist. This cat’s played everywhere from NYC to the the west coast, and he always bring passion and intention to the stage.


Trevor Galvin - Sax

This will be Trevor Galvin’s 3rd appearance at Skirvin Jazz Club. He’s an animal on sax and always brings crazy energy to the bandstand.

Lots of new things coming in April, May and June. Stay tuned by joining the email list at and following the Facebook Events for Skirvin Jazz Club