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My Newest Project: the "Church" Band includes dance music and a Karaoke Contest in OKC

A few months ago, my roomates and I put together a band to play a Saturday night at Sanctuary Barsilica, a new bar in Downtown Oklahoma City. We intended to just play the one gig, but it was so much fun we ended up playing once per month. Since then, we’ve named ourselves the “Church” Band, and are giving musicians (and audiences) an invitation to perform with us.

It all began rockin’ with the “Church” Band at the Sanctuary on Film Row

The project was born in Sancuary Barsilica, which is a new religious-themed live music and karaoke bar in Film Row, OKC. Their commitment to the theme is extreme. Every square inch of the bar is somehow related to religion, from the ‘communion shots’ that are served with a wafer to the stage (they call it the Altar). We wanted fit the theme too. I was thinking about fun soulful tunes for our setlist, and as I listened to John Legend’s ‘Soul Joint’ the opening line hit me: ‘It all began rockin with the church band....’ I don’t know what ‘it’ is but I liked the idea of this turning into something bigger. Plus is fits the religious satire vibe.

The church isn’t really a church, and the band isn’t really a band. The “Church” Band is a collective of some of OKC’s top sideman musicians who play whatever the heaven we feel like. We are a non-denominational band, meaning we don’t tie ourselves to any specific genre or lineup of musicians. We value being fun, collaborative, and not taking ourselves too seriously.

My vision for the project is that we can create a bangin’ house band that other artists want to play with. I know there are tons of vocalists with great tracks on Soundcloud, iTunes, and Spotify who don’t have a full band to perform with. I’d really like to create an outlet for singers, rappers, and other musicians to try out their original music in front of an enthused and open-minded audience with a solid and versatile backing band. Going forward, we will invite different musicians to perform with us at our monthly spot at Sanctuary Barsilica.

Karaoke Idol - Local Amateur Singers Get a Chance to Sing with the “Church” Band

We aren’t limiting our musical invitation to professional artists. Sanctuary Barsilica already hosts karaoke every Wednesday and Thursday night, and we just launched a month-long karaoke contest: the winner gets to step on stage with us on our Saturday night show.

Every Karaoke night is also an audition, and if you receive a Golden Ticket from Sanctuary’s bar staff, you’ll get to compete in front of a live panel of judges at Karaoke Idol. The winner of Karaoke Idol gets bragging right and a chance to sing with the “Church” Band the following Saturday.

Karaoke starts at 9pm every Wednesday and Thursday night. Check out Sanctuary Barsilica’s Facebook Page for all the dates. My tour schedule includes Karaoke Idol and upcoming “Church” Band performances.

Come ready to dance, sing, and hear new music. See y’all at “Church.”

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