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Skirvin Jazz Club: Season 1 was amazing, and we're prepping for Season 2!

Season 1 of Skirvin Jazz Club saw 6 unique performances at the Skirvin Hotel. During these shows, I got to play with and feature some of my favorite musicians in the area. I featured a different vocalist each show, and crafted a setlist specific to each vocalist.

It was amazing getting to know musicians in the scene better, and it’s been awesome connecting with fans at the Skirvin. Y’all were good to us in Season 1, so we’re going to bring it in Season 2, which will run from July through December 2019.

I’ve begun work on Season 2’s performances. I’ll be sharing more about the music in June, announcing my Season 2 collaborators, and selling Season 2 Memberships (aka season tickets for July-December).

For now, here’s some insight into the direction for Skirvin Jazz Club Season 2.

The Music: Skirvin Jazz Club Season 2 will feature “The Roots of American Music”

At present, I feel a pressing need to focus on the source of jazz. The birth of jazz coincided with recording technology taking off for the first time. Before jazz, great musicians improvised, but they could never share their improvisations past the people in the room, and other musicians couldn’t study great improvisers in detail. In order to share their music past their immediate audience, artists had to write it down.

Being able to study not just what someone plays, but how they play it is game-changing for Music, and it’s amazing to think that doing so has only been possible for about a century.

I can only imagine what it felt like to be creating compositions and arrangements knowing that you are one of the first people to ever share your music - you performance, not just your composition/arrangement - with people thousands of miles away, and potentially for generations in the future. Maybe that’s why Duke Ellington wrote 3,000 compositions, maybe that’s why Jelly Roll Morton claimed to have “invented jazz” in 1902, and maybe that’s why the Roaring 20s roared.

I’m fascinated with the spirit musicians like Jelly Roll Morton, Fats Waller, and Duke Ellington put into their music as they performed in New Orleans, New York City, and Chicago.

Additionally, The Skirvin Hotel opened its doors right around the time Jazz was being birthed in New Orleans. That’s why Season 2 of Skirvin Jazz Club will be about the Roots of American Music. We will feature music from these artists and more.

More to come on that, for now, check out the playlist I created to brainstorm and inspire the first couple shows of Season 2.

The Band: Skirvin Jazz Club Season 2 will feature The Skirvin Sextet

Duke Ellington is an icon of icons. Much of his contribution to music occurred during his orchestra’s famous residency at the Cotton Club in Harlem; however, Ellington’s first band played at the Hollywood Club, which changed it’s name to Club Kentucky after a fire broke out in the venue.

At Club Kentucky, Ellington played with a group of musicians called the Washingtonians. The Washingtonians were primarily a sextet when Ellington led them.

For Season 2, I will bring a consistent sextet for Skirvin Jazz Club, comprised of OKC-based musicians. I’ll be partnering with an experienced arranger, and the Skirvin Sextet will be swingin’.

Skirvin Jazz Club Memberships

We offered early access to Season 2 Memberships at May’s performance. We sold half of the membership available for Season 2, and the other half will go on sale in June. Join the Skirvin Jazz Club email list so you don’t miss the sale in June, and keep checking back here for more updates.