Christian Pearson


Event Organizer / Creative Director

Here are some experiences I’ve created (or been a part of creating) as well as some new events that are in the works.

Saints Sessions

Saints Sessions is a weekly Jazz Session I started in my neighborhood. Attention to detail and intentional culture building has transformed a casual local jam session to a hip, intimate stop on the national jazz circuit.

Rooftop Hop

Rooftop Hop is a series of mini-music festivals happening in Chisholm Creek. The series takes place on multiple Rooftops in Chisholm Creek and features local artists performing pop, jazz, blues, hip-hop, rock, country, and more.

Deep deuce sessions

Deep Deuce Sessions is a monthly music festival we (OkSessions) launched in late 2017. We set out to fill a downtown district with a diverse selection of local music in a way that built a culture for music and was appreciable to artists, venues, and audiences.


Red Monarch Music Fest

Reddened Monarch Music Festival is a festival about Love, Transformation, and Building Understanding. This is a new event honoring and benefiting OKC’s Homeless. We will invite the homeless to the concert, feed them, and raise money for housing-first initiatives. The event is organized by 405 Center.

skirvin jazz club

Skirvin Jazz Club is an immersive live jazz experience inside Oklahoma’s most historic hotel. Once per month, we turn the Skirvin’s fine restaurant into a swingin’ jazz club. Season 1 just ended, and Season 2 will run from July-December 2019.