Christian Pearson



OkSessions is a music media and digital marketing company focused on building live music culture in central oklahoma

OkSessions is all about treating local music the way we treat local food. We believe each locale has it’s own unique artistic flavor, and we believe music is the voice of a culture.

Cities that are present and engaged with their local artists influence the rest of the world and thrive economically. Live music is exceptional at merging ‘bubbles’ in a community and fostering integration in a city. It gets people together who wouldn’t normally hang out, and makes it easy to find common ground with people from different backgrounds.

I want to walk out of my house and step into a city filled with music, whether it’s mine or someone else’s. OkSessions is a media hub that gets people excited about local music and makes it accessible to get into the scene. We regularly publish new articles about OKC’s live music renaissance. Follow us on social media and join our email lists if you believe what we believe about music.

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